Vespa Sprint


The brand new sprint is the most sporty and dynamic vespa “small body” available. Its name recalls concepts which are intimately tied to the sporty vespas of the ’60s and ‘70s.

The new Vespa Sprint embodies the heritage of the fastest and most youthful vespas, providing those same essential and indispensable elements that made it so successful with young people such as the sport design saddle and the rectangular headlight, details which the Vespa Sprint shares today.

Vespa Sprint


Created to blend vespa style with a sports mood and an exhilarating ride, the Vespa Sprint now offers new solutions that provide performance to more than match expectations. Bigger, newly designed wheels to provide better feel and riding pleasure along with complete control over the scooter. A unique style that includes some great new features: the rectangular rear light cluster is inspired by the unforgettable vespa special from the sixties, the redesigned saddle offers improved comfort.

There are now handles for a passenger not to mention the renewed look of the bodywork and finish and more effective mirrors.

Vespa Sprint


In the frenetic world we live in, you need a strong personality to stand out from the crowd and make your mark. The Vespa Sprint has the unmistakable charisma of vespa tradition, a global icon of style and symbol of the italian lifestyle that blends elegance and a love of life. The distinctive design that led to the success of the vespa range has been given a new lease of life with the sprint which enjoys the vespa heritage to become leader in the “small body” segment.

The flowing lines and smaller dimensions along with a mixture of solutions and renewed details create a manoeuvrable, punchy model that in revels in town traffic.

Vespa Sprint


The Vespa Sprint features the very latest technology to provide a safe and dynamic riding experience under all conditions: yss front suspension, front disc brake system combined with rear drum brake , new analogue/digital instrument panel, led sidelights and brake light.

Comfort on the move takes precedence: the increased length of the Vespa Sprint compared with other scooters in the same range creates more room for both the rider and passenger, the compartment under the saddle holds a full face helmet. The modern engine and the rigidity of the steel frame reduce both noise and vibration.

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Vespa sprint is a cutting-edge project. The best technology and an absolutely exceptional design: a true revolution with respect to previous vespa small body generations. With the goal of guaranteeing the same ease and lightweight qualities of the previous vespa s, but setting new standards in terms of comfort, space, riding pleasure and safety, Vespa Sprint is a complete revamping of shape and size.

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